This Old Dog

Mac Demarco is a one of a kind soul. Whether you love him or not, his uniqueness is impossible to deny. If you are like me, you love him with your whole heart, soul, and mind. This also means that you were counting down the minutes until the release of This Old Dog, Demarco’s third full-length album.

Demarco performed the album’s title track “This Old Dog” in a dog groomer with Pitchfork Media. (Photo Credit: Pitchfork)

Officially set to release on May 5, 2017, the album was leaked to the public on April 13. Demarco addressed the leak, and seemed to let it go during his Coachella performance the day after the incident.

Despite a few projects here and there since the release of his second album, Another One, fans have been awaiting this album for around a year and a half. Needless to say, This Old Dog did not disappoint.

With exams and things that matter to nobody, all of these tracks have helped me power through the stress during this past month. Demarco’s vibey, sometimes psychedelic sounds never fail to remind me of summer, which was the only motivation I needed to make it out of school alive.

“Even when I haven’t put anything out in a year, I come back and the venue is twice the size regardless.” (Credit: DIYMag)

In an interview with DIY Magazine, Demarco delved into his evolving sound. While the new album still holds true Demarco’s signature spirit, the piece’s overall sounds has shifted a bit from his past projects. He said, “This record, ‘Salad Days’ and ‘2’ feel like a nice little trifecta. This is the last record I have on contract with my record label, so it feels like the end of a lot of things. I’m not saying I’m gonna become an EDM DJ or anything, but I feel like I can go wherever I want from here,” he says. “The funny thing about making this record is that [it’s shown me that] electric guitar is not really where I’m at right now at all. I listen to some acoustic music, but I listen to a lot of lyric-less or even ambient music – a lot of Japanese synthesiser stuff and video game music from when I was a kid. I’m not saying I’m gonna go down that path either, but it feels like there’s this thing here that’s been completed, so now I can do something that truly feels different to me.”

Demarco released the official video for the single “This Old Dog” on March 30. The title track encompasses this fresh take Demarco has on his own classic sound. My personal favorite track of the project is “For The First Time”. I think this track reinvents Demarco’s dreamy love song catalog, with classics like “Let My Baby Stay” from Salad Days and “My Kind of Woman” from 2 paving the way. This song’s narrative turns the synthesized love song into a semi-dark tale of denial and grief. He is making “existential excuses” for his love leaving him, as he recalls finer moments between the pair. This twisted plot paired with a reimagined Demarco flair creates the perfect marriage that any listener can relate to.

Demarco performing “One More Love Song” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 9, 2017.

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