NYU, I’m ready for you

6 months. 6 months since my last post. Pretty sad, right? I owe an apology to my millions of readers, I know these months have been extremely difficult for you. Each day you wake up and refresh this page to find nothing. Alas, I am in fact alive and well!

Proof in its most raw form! (Photo Credit: Alex Smith)

I am beginning to realize this post is more so legitimizing this absence to myself, rather than to anyone else. Now that I am officially a high school graduate, I have regained free time to do what I love. What I love just happens to be this! If I’m going to do it, I gotta do it right. No rushing, no putting out lackluster content. (Although I suppose that is subjective…) My iPhone notes have accumulated approximately 30 articles I have wanted to write over this 6 month absence. Will I skip these and catch up with today’s releases? Will I share my thoughts on albums that released in January? I am not sure. Only time will tell I guess.

Masking my intense fear of cold weather. (Photo Credit: Alex Smith)

A new chapter is beginning. A new album is beginning. What now? We wait for the intro track. Hopefully, my new home will lead me to new music and young artists, some of whom I may find in my classes. So, that’s it. I haven’t written because I am a poor multitasker. Does anybody care? Most likely not. But hey, you will when I get famous in the Big Apple! It’s a very small city so this is very likely.

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