Garrickson the Goat

Few things in this world make me happier than finding really really great new music. Especially when an artist is still pretty “undiscovered”, stumbling upon them is like finding hidden treasure in an unexpected place. I found a good one this time. Like, really life changing.

He goes by Garrickson. A singer/songwriter/producer from Dallas, TX. This guy is the real deal at less than 20 years old (if my calculations are correct). The first song I was graced with was “You Again“, which I found through a tweet. BOY am I grateful for that tweet, opening the door for me to this beautiful world of new music, made with insane passion and fresh creativity. I have been waiting for something to fall into my lap that makes me want to write about the magic that music can possess, and Garrickson did that for me.

You Again” is that kinda vibe. The kind that you can listen to for weeks on end and never get sick of, falling in love more and more with every play. The kind that makes you crave moments like lying under the stars at a beach with the people you love. This song somehow slows down my heartbeat while making it race at the same time. I told ya’ll this man was magical.

Speaking of magical men, Garrickson’s “partner in crime”, Qole, is a beast of production, both alongside Garrickson and on his own projects. His works both visually and musically are mesmerizing. These are the kind of brilliant, forward thinkers that make me excited for my generation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.17.35 AM
Garrickson and Qole working on their EP “With You” in 2016. (Photo Credit: @garricksonmusic)

Both artists have music on multiple platforms; Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, and their own websites. (https://garrickson.bandcamp.com

Garrickson and Qole’s joint EP, “With You“, was released last year. This project is truly special. While it only includes six songs, each has a unique story and sound, and all tracks complement one another masterfully.   These sounds make listeners feel the wave, trust me.

Each track on the EP is accompanied by an abstract painting and haiku poem. (Photo Credit:

Track 3, “Cherry“, is one of my favorite tracks, especially because the video made me fall even more in love with the song. Imagine making concept videos and recording music and making art with these two. I want to be friends with these guys real badly, if you can’t tell.

In addition to the EP, the duo has many other releases on their respective platforms. On January 19,2017, Garrickson released “Loose Tracks“, featuring four new songs. One of these is Garrickson’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Self Control” from Blonde. In September 2016, the singer posted a video of his acoustic cover of the Ocean ballad. However, the version that made “Loose Tracks” features artist whereisalex and adopts a different sound. The digital feel and auto tuned adaptation of Ocean’s track is beautiful. The layered vocals reveal Garrickson’s skillful vocal range throughout the song’s serene and harmonious quality.

So please. PLEASE. I am begging you to check out these two geniuses. Magnificent things are coming from them, I know it. For all of my terrified, bound music listeners, I urge you to step out of your comfort zones. Do not fill your playlists solely with songs that are on Top 50 lists or have a trending dance craze to match. You will be blissfully surprised by the power of young artists.


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