Jaden Falls in the Best Way

If this is not the most eventful three weeks in modern hip hop music then I must be dreaming.

Yesterday, December 4, Jaden Smith debuted his newest musical masterpiece and imaginative video on Kid Cudi’s Twitter. The song, “Fallen“, is the debut single track off Smith’s impending new album release, Syre.

The track covers his love for a girl and their distinct perspectives on life. He takes listeners on this journey in the most eloquent and cohesive way, between engaging verses and a hypnotic chorus. This is exactly what we needed from Jaden. It is time to end his musical drought, and “Fallen” is an extremely promising look into Smith’s future projects.

Smith dons a worker’s vest and MSFTSRep t-shirt as he spits truth after truth.

The lyrics have so much depth to them, my personal favorite line being, “Reading bell hooks, she just saying” I was reading “Teaching to Transgress” by hooks when Smith dropped this track; life is crAzY folks.

Syre, one of Smith’s middle names, also influenced a number of items in the MSFTS clothing line.

The cinematography of the video is phenomenal as well, matching the song perfectly, while the direction was very unexpected. The beautiful mountain view and vintage, western movie set make the project that much more unique. Especially, when Smith is vibing in front of a fuchsia sunset and Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day vinyl. This helped to explain Cudi’s Twitter shoutout and foreshadow their future projects together.

“Fallen” is a very promising glimpse into a tremendous 2017 for Smith and his growing fanbase.

If you still think Jaden Smith is a joke….wake up ladies and gents.

Check out the video here:


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